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With pencils and notebooks lining every store as well as back to school ads spamming your Spotify, it’s safe to say that high school is nothing short of lurking. Deadlines and permission slips will soon welcome you into yet another of the “best years of your life”, and your summer vibes slip away as quickly as those vocab words you learned in Spanish last year. It gets really hard to find time to yourself once the school year starts. Home can be crazy congested, and let’s be real - Study Hall is just a place to squeeze in a quick nap. Luckily, there is one place you can always count on to find some peace and quiet...THE LIBRARY! The branches of the MidPointe Library System have private study rooms that are great for group sessions, one on one tutoring, or just sitting down and finishing homework. You can also access computers, printers, and scanners, all for little to no cost. The best part about bringing your schoolwork to the library is the amount of books, reference articles, dictionaries, and journals at your disposal. Any library staff will be more than willing to assist you in finding resources or even just checking the grammar in your essays. We also carry various chargers, including Apple and Android. Feel free to ask for one! The MidPointe Library Systems are safe learning environments, so bring your backpack over to your local branch whenever you need to settle in and get to work. You’re always welcome!