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Before I worked for MidPointe, when someone said the word "library", all I could associate it with was the library I went to as a kid. It was a tiny public library in Miamisburg, Ohio that my mom took me to when she wanted to get us out of the house. I didn't really read much and I mostly went for the events and activities held there. There would always be puppet shows, arts and crafts, and other things any active kid would love doing. Side note: I also associated the library with Parks and Rec's Leslie Knope and her feelings towards the library. 

When high school hit, I didn't step one foot in a public library. I didn't really need to, mostly due to the fact that there was a small library inside my school building. Occasionally, I would go into the school library in order to write a paper on the computers, or check out a book for a book report but ONLY IF I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO. Now, in college, I visit the campus library daily, but I don't check out books. The campus library is THE BEST place to study at Wright State. 

When I first received this internship, I walked in the Middletown branch of the library and was surprised at what I saw. I was shocked as to see how many people were there. It was actually pretty packed. The environment I saw was pretty shocking too. It wasn't a drag, boring old-school building that I had envisioned. The MidPointe library was a fairly modern, upbeat place with a fresh atmosphere. This was just my first impression. As the weeks went by, I quickly learned how invitingly upbeat the library actually was. I had the opportunity to attend several events which were really REALLY fun. Most of these events were fore kids, but I had just as much fun as the next 5 year old. I also had the chance to visit the other branches of the MidPointe Library System and that was a pretty cool experience as well. I was able to see the collaboration between the branches and how exciting it was for me to work for the head branch in Middletown. I work under the PR Director and helped oversee the other branches. I thought that was so cool. 

Now, I've been at the library for 2 months, and I am having such a blast and have done so much already, including creating this blog for the library. (Which is something I have always wanted to do.) 

                                                                              - Brooke Preston (Library Intern)