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Library Art

The Middletown Library is proud to call itself home to over one hundred sixty pieces of artwork mostly donated by the Friends of the Library. We also have art by locally and nationally renowned artists, as well as work from a few amateur artists. Our permanent treasury is comprised of Glass Art, Sculptures in bronze, limestone, wood, ceramic, and metal, Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics and Pastels, Prints by Jack Howard and Pat Brewer, Asian Art, Photographs, and the Herbert Fall Collection that resides in our Ohio Room. This broad collection is still growing, as it has been for many years due to the liberality of Helen and Len Kahny. We make an effort to keep our displays fresh by often rotating the pieces we are showcasing. Every donated work was carefully reviewed and selected so you can be sure that every single piece has an impact. When you’re walking down aisles of bookshelves, it’s not your first instinct to look at the walls surrounding you. But, next time you’re here at the Middletown Library, stop and make a point to appreciate some of the collection we’ve built for you!