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What is it like to Publish a High School Yearbook? Find Out from 1969 Madison High "Tomahawk" Co-Editors!

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All hail, the high school yearbook, the record of our younger selves (and perhaps the most underrated of all local history books)! 

Today, in honor of those esteemed “annuals” – and with the addition of the Madison Local Schools yearbook collection to our Digital Archives -- we salute all school yearbook staffs who to this day endeavor to present complete, accurate and attractive yearbooks to their communities. 

Enjoy the following ode to yearbook editing found on page 149 in the 1969 Madison “Tomahawk” yearbook. It’s accompanied by a photo of “Tomahawk” co-editors, Robyn Jones and Jim Mount: 

madison tbt poem.jpg

“Six pix for one page 

Perfect pictures of unidentified people 

Trying to guard against 

Gremlins out to sabotage a year’s work  

Skipping classes while convincing  teachers it’s for the last time 

Frantically drawing almost-straight lines in a rush to meet the deadlines 

Ripping carbons from layout mats and having purple hands for the next week 

Finding out that pages and pictures sent to the company have escaped in the mail (but weren’t really sent in the first place) 

Gathering teachers’ often-said phrases 

And learning they were only said once 

And wanting to thank 

Our patient and encouraging advisor, Mr. James Coy; 

A special and friendly photographer; 

An inventive and interesting staff;  

The Co-op class for donating their teacher; 

And a little messenger who kept us entertained in the long hard deadline nights. 

This is what makes a yearbook.” 

The editors conclude the ‘69 yearbook with a photo of a young gentleman in a suit jacket sitting in a corner with his back to the camera. 

madison tbt corner.jpg

A little yearbook humor is a great way to close out a year. 

To enjoy the 1969 Madison “Tomahawk” yearbook and editions from other years, go to : > Digital Archives > The Tomahawk Madison Local School District High School Yearbooks > Browse 

Then click on the photo gallery below to see some intriguing Tomahawk covers!