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"Here's the story..." of a House and its Family : The Brady Bunch Recreates "Home" and Local Ties to the Series

“Here’s the story...of a lovely lady...who was bringing up three very lovely girls...” 

and it all began 50 years ago today, September 26, 1969, on our television screens.  (*) 

Indeed, many of us fell hard for the “Brady Bunch” characters from the moment they debuted until they bid adieu on August 30, 1974. (*) We were captivated by the adventures of this modern blended family -- Mom Carol, Dad Mike, brothers Greg, Peter and Bobby, sisters Marcia, Jan and Cindy and last, but certainly not least, their genial housekeeper, Alice.  

But the humans weren’t the only stars of the show. 

Now starring in HGTV’s popular series, “A Very Brady Renovation,” the private residence in North Hollywood, California, whose exterior was depicted as the “Brady Bunch” house, has undergone a makeover. The goal – to turn its interior into a virtual remake of the Brady household as it appeared on the show. The show debuted on September 9 and will have a limited number of episodes. (**) 

Meanwhile back in Ohio, BB fans still savor the memory of August 1973 when the show’s cast and crew filmed several scenes at Kings Island Amusement Park. 

According to a Kings Island blog (***), the  special filming had been “heavily” promoted in the press, causing an “overwhelming amount of curious guests” to show up. The blog recalled that “by the end of the weeklong shoot, the park and the production were overwhelmed by crowds of people...”  

The episode, titled “The Cincinnati Kids,” “originally aired November 23, 1973, as the 11th episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’s’ fifth and final season. It is still shown in syndication today (although often scenes of the park are edited down) and remains one of the most watched episodes of the series...” (***)  

Were you among the lucky fans who saw the Brady Bunch stars when they filmed at Kings Island? Tell us your story! 


(*)From “2019 Chase’s Calendar of Events,” available for checkout at MidPointe Library. 

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For more information about “A Very Brady Renovation” go to: “HGTV - A Very Brady Renovation” 

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