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Get a Kick Start for Kindergarten with the Summer Bridge Program

Pre-school students in the Middletown City School District who need assistance entering Kindergarten are eligible to participate in a fully-funded Kindergarten readiness program this summer in the homes of the students.

The Summer Bridge Kindergarten Reading Readiness Program arranges for a teacher to visit a child and parent at their residence one hour a week for seven weeks from June 4 to July 27. The program requires an adult to be present.

The Summer Bridge program is sponsored by the Middletown Community Foundation and implemented by   the Butler County Educational Services Center in coordination with the Middletown City School District.

During visits the teacher will discuss effective ways parents can prevent “summer slide” in order to improve the child’s readiness for Kindergarten. Both parent and child are expected to put the learning activities into practice between teacher visits. Activities can also be implemented during playtime.

Free materials will be provided to participants. They include books, puzzles, activities for reading and playing letter and number games, as well as containers for materials.

The Kindergarten readiness skills to be developed will be based upon a child’s current level in phonemic awareness (the ability to process sounds in words), sound/symbol association, handwriting skills, problem-solving skills as well as social, communication and math skills.

Families who complete all seven visits will receive school supplies for Kindergarten.

Information and sign-up sheets are available at the  Kindergarten Readiness Station at the MidPointe Library Children’s Department, 125 South Broad Street, Middletown. Parents should complete a form by May 18 and leave it with MidPointe Youth staff members who will forward it to BCESC.

A Spanish language form is also available.