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Local History #tbt - Examining the Animals Found the Marion G. Warner Photograph Collection

Working animals, particularly horses, played an important role in early 20th century Monroe, Ohio. That fact is illustrated in the latest collection of local historic photos on MidPointe Library’s Digital Archives and at its Middletown location.

Captured by Monroe resident and businessman Marion G. Warner (1861-1922), the collection’s remarkably sharp black-and-white images were derived from glass plate negatives. They depict families, individuals of all ages, working animals and pets, homes, businesses, buildings, churches and many outdoor scenes from the early 1900s. The collection was originally curated by and has been made available to MidPointe by the Monroe Historical Society, said Adam Wanter, MidPointe’s Digital and Special Collections archivist.

By inserting the term, “animals,” in the website’s search box, one immediately discerns the vital functions they performed in daily commerce and transportation. Some of Mr. Warner’s intriguing photos portray:


Two horses pulling a load of what may be coal on a wagon for “Chas. Shafor Contractor and Dealer,” two horses pulling a large load of hay and an unknown driver on a wagon, a horse pulling a carriage for the Robert Earl Keever Bakery, and two horses pulling a large load of produce to the Butler County Canning Company.

gus hinkles horses.jpg

Mr. Warner’s keen eye also captured the towering size and the powerful build of draft horses in several photos of Gus Hinkle’s Percherons.

Additionally, Mr. Warner’s photos depict grazing horses and cattle, pet dogs and hunting dogs, sheep and a batch of fish. One set of fascinating photos shows an unknown man and his hunting dog standing in front of an impressive display of raccoon pelts.

racoon pelts.jpg

The Marion G. Warner Photograph Collection can be accessed at Online visitors can click on the category of photo they wish to see : buildings, churches, homes and houses, people and families, business, street views, bridges, or they can insert a term in the search box.

At MidPointe Library Middletown, the Warner collection appears as a photographic exhibit on a 70-inch interactive touchscreen in its Local History and Genealogy Gallery. Enlarged prints of the photos are also displayed. The library is located at 125 S. Broad Street.

For access to actual photographs, contact the Monroe Historical Society :

Can you help?  If you can identify people or places in the Marion G. Warner Photograph Collection or would like to correct items that have been misidentified please contact the library at