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If you want to …

  • Converse with customers in their native languages

  • Chat with the locals on your next overseas trip

  • Seek extra help with your foreign language class

  • Talk like a pirate …..

   Then Mango Languages, the online interactive language-learning program available free of charge through the MidPointe Library website, is your convenient solution.    Just go to Click on eLibrary, Research databases, “Browse L-P” or “Test and career preparation” and lastly “Mango Languages.”

mango Language_Learning_whole_family_200-x-150.png

    After a quick log-in get ready to choose from over 70 languages with lessons that combine real life situations and audio from native speakers with simple, clear instructions. Instruction focuses on the key elements of language learning : vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture.     Mango Languages also offers a course on American Sign Language.    And for a bit of fun, Mateys, don’t forget to click on the “Pirate” language link for real linguistic treasure!