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#Seinfeld30 - 30 Years of Seinfeld

Conversations around the water cooler haven’t been the same since July 5, 1989.   

That’s the day we met TV’s “Seinfeld” and willingly jumped into its Pandora’s Box of puffy shirts, one churlish “soup Nazi,” and “Festivus For The Rest of Us.” 

For 30 years now, thanks to the wonders of reruns, many of us still enjoy the misadventures of four ever-hopeful, often-cynical New Yorkers as they seek prosperity and romance in the “most populous city in the United States.” (*) 

Eavesdroppers that we are, we’ve enjoyed every minute of the mayhem -- maybe because we see a little or a lot of ourselves in its characters... 

pirate jerry.png

Jerry the comedian who accidentally, and then begrudgingly, agrees to wear a pirate-style puffy shirt on the “Today Show.” His humiliation is palpable. 

George, the inevitable loser who pretends to be a marine biologist in order to impress a woman – and is eventually dumped by said woman. 

elaine dancing.gif

Kramer, the eternal optimist who poses for a portrait that both mesmerizes and horrifies its onlookers. 

Elaine, Jerry’s former girlfriend-turned-trusted-friend.  She’s a horrible dancer, but no one dares tell her. 

The final episode of “Seinfeld” aired in 1998, nearly 10 years after the first episode aired. But Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine live on in TV eternity, providing a daily “Festivus” for “the rest of us.” 

Yada. Yada.  

(*)Thanks, Wikipedia. 


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