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#triviatuesday - What 2 groups of local singing siblings got a career boost by appearing on the 1940s and 1950s “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts”?

As the Middletown Historical Society prepares to honor local “History Makers” and “History Preservers” this spring, we bring to your attention a group of singing sisters listed among the nominees (in addition to the hometown McGuire Sisters below).


Therefore, today’s TriviaTuesday question asks:

In addition to Middletown’s McGuire Sisters (above), what group of local singing siblings (then a trio) also got a boost to its career by appearing on the popular national program in the 1940s and 1950s, “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts”?

The answer is the Shepherd Sisters, comprised of MaryLou, Gayle and Martha, daughters of Armco steel worker Doug Shepherd and his wife, Pearl, of Middletown.


The sisters were the subject of a 2012 Journal News article written by Middletown Historian Roger Miller. Miller recounted some of the steps to the Shepherd siblings’s rise to fame :

*A trio of the sisters catching the attention of an orchestra leader at an Armco Park Talent Show followed by…

*An opportunity to sing with that orchestra, which in turn led to...

*Being overheard by two Dayton, Ohio, talent agents who had worked with Middletown’s McGuire Sisters which, as they say…

*Became music history which included…

*Local bookings, the appearance on Godfrey’s talent show, a European tour, time in New York which resulted in a hit version of the song, “Gone With The Wind,” appearances on the Alan Freed Stage Shows and on “American Bandstand” hosted by rock’n’roll legend Dick Clark.

It wasn’t long before the Middletown threesome became a foursome thanks to the addition of sister Judith. She had traveled to New York City to visit her sisters and was invited to sing along on a scheduled recording session.

With the world as their stage, the Shepherd Sisters became ideal Middletown ambassadors.

Historian Miller expressed the thoughts of those who remember the delightful sounds of the singing Shepherd Sisters of Middletown:

“The music of the Shepherd Sisters won’t be forgotten by many of us who grew up during that time,” he wrote.

The photo of the McGuire Sisters (top and on Facebook page) and the photo of the Shepherd Sisters are courtesy of Google.

For more information on the Shepherd Sisters, read Roger Miller’s complete article in the August 1, 2012, Journal News :

Or check out the sisters’ website, “The Shepherd Sisters”:

Or read the obituary of Gayle Shepherd in the New York Times:

Then don’t forget to check the website of the Middletown Historical Society to find the latest on the upcoming “7th Annual Awards Dinner ‘Industrial Middletown’” and all the nominees for the “2019 Middletown History Maker and Preserver Awards” (including both the Shepherd and McGuire sisters and many more notables):


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