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Children's authors and illustrators bring the world to life for MidPointe's young patrons

Imagine life without children’s books and their remarkable stories and illustrations.

You would never see :

*A golden hamster taking a trip back in time (see #1)

*A gentlemanly rat invited to Buckingham Palace (see #2)

*A bit of paper transformed into a unique creation (see #3)

*A Spaniel-turned-dinosaur hunter (see #4)

We could go on….

That’s why the first week of February is designated “Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week” by the Children’s Authors Network. Consisting of a group of about a dozen well-known children’s authors, CAN is dedicated to making “books spring to life and inspire a lifelong love of reading and writing.” (* &**)

At MidPointe Library, we’re all about kids, books and authors and illustrators!

In addition to the works of CAN authors, we feature literally thousands of writers and their remarkable subjects and illustrations.


For instance, today marks the 106th birthday of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks. A heroine then and now, she was the African-American woman who, in 1955 in Alabama, would not give up her bus seat so that a white man could sit there. At that time the law required African-Americans to sit in the back of the bus. (*)

MidPointe Library has numerous works about Rosa Parks and others who helped change the racial landscape in America.

From the whimsical (like works by author-illustrator David Catrow, who visited Liberty Center in Liberty Township last fall prior to the opening of MidPointe’s newest location) to the serious (such as biographies of Rosa Parks), make MidPointe the destination for all your children’s reading needs!

*From the “2018 Chase’s Calendar of Events” at MidPointe Library. 2019 editions are now available.

**Information was also obtained from the Children’s Authors Network:


(1)”Freddy's final quest :Book five in the golden hamster saga” by Dietlof Reiche ; translated from the German by John Brownjohn ; illustrated by Joe Cepeda.

(2) Tim Egan’s gentlemanly rat Dodsworth in “Dodsworth in London.”

(3)”Beautiful Oops!” /|c by Barney Saltzberg.

(4)”Max Spaniel : Dinosaur Hunt” by David Catrow.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 5.07.57 PM.png

P.S. While visiting our newest branch on the second floor of Liberty Center, don’t forget to look up for the amazing illustration created by David Catrow!

Numerous items about Rosa Parks are available for checkout by cardholders at MidPointe Library:

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