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Middletown Construction Update

I thought a Library was supposed to be quiet!

If you have visited the MidPointe Library Middletown lately, you surely noticed a number of construction projects underway - and they were generating more noise than one would usually find at a library! Recent projects have included:

-      Removal of the exterior canopy.The MidPointe Library Middletown was built in the early 1980’s and some portions of the building haven’t received a facelift since then. The outdoor canopy had not only become unsightly with rust and decay, but housed failed electrical components built in for lighting. By removing the aging canopy, and updating the outdoor lighting, the entryway is brighter and more inviting as a result. 

-      Shelving changes. Existing shelving is being shortened to make materials more accessible and to brighten up the space.  Note: this does not mean a decrease in the number of materials, as the highest shelves were not being used to store our collections anyway due to the extreme height.    

-      Study room glass removal.The remote and aging study rooms are receiving an upgrade! While old study rooms are being removed, new study rooms are being constructed near the Ohio Room. These new spaces will provide a quiet and more private area to work on a project or enjoy your library materials. 

-      Updated audio-visual shelving.As our blu-ray, DVD, and video game collections grow, we needed more shelving for these collections.  To accomplish this, we are modifying the shelving for all our audio-visual collections, including music CDs.  

-      Where are the outlets?As part of the audio-visual shelving updates, we had to move some electrical outlets (i.e. power towers).  We have added electrical nearby these spaces and have plans to add more seating with built-in electrical access in to the near furniture.   

The hammers may soon be quieted, but MidPointe won’t stop evolving to address the changing needs of our patrons! We hope you enjoy these upgrades and plan a visit to the Library soon to see them in person.