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Forget the snow! Think "Blue" for Little Blue Penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo!

If snow is getting you down, don’t think white…

Think blue!


Blue penguins, that is.

Two “Little Blue penguins” (also known as  “Fairy Penguins”) recently joined the LBP family at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the “Journal News” reported on January 5.

The zoo reportedly “has the largest colony of Little Blue penguins in North America…,” the article continued. The newest arrivals hatched on December 28 and on New Years Eve.

According to a Cincinnati Zoo website, the pair have been named “Toast” and “Pierogi.” *

True to their name, Little Blues are the smallest of penguins. While a full-grown Emperor penguin can reach over 3 feet tall and weigh over 90 pounds, the Little Blue reaches about 16 inches tall and weighs less than 2 ½ pounds! **

Happily, the zoo’s Little Blue penguin population is expected to increase, the “Journal News” article reported.

In the meantime fans are invited to the zoo during “Penguin Days” through March 8. ***

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Journal News, “Cincinnati -- Zoo Welcomes Little Blue Penguins,” January 5, 2019.


**From “Penguins,” created and written by John Bonnett Wexo. Available for check-out at MidPointe Library.


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Accompanying photo of a Little Blue Penguin from Google Photos.