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Who's This Middie with Music Magic?

Without checking the Internet, see if you can answer this Middletown-based trivia question:

What Middletown High School band and orchestra member went on to play with jazz great Count Basie, the Queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald, the Jackson Five and other legends like Marvin Gaye and the Four Tops?

(Hint: you may have seen him in several movie roles, such as the bartender in “Groundhog Day.”)




Answer: 1954 Grad John M. Watson Sr.


John Watson.jpg


  • Mr. Watson’s student information from the 1954 Middletown High School Optimist (available for viewing in the MidPointe Library-Middletown “Ohio Room” and online at > Digital Archives > The Optimist Middletown City School District high school yearbooks > 1954

  • Color photo of Mr. Watson from “Celebrities Pictures”