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#TriviaTuesday - What Day holds a special place in Trenton history?

Like every town and village, Trenton, Ohio, has an interesting history.

Trenton, however, boasts a very special Day in its illustrious past.

It’s called Doris Day.

Yes, the world-renowned singer, actress and, in later years, animal welfare advocate (1) spent many summer days in Trenton when she was a girl.

Doris autograph.jpg

According to the book, “Welcome to Trenton: Celebrating 200 Years! 1816-2016,” Doris, a Cincinnati native whose real name was Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, stayed with “her aunt and uncle who lived at the bottom of Union Street.”  

The book continues that young Doris “became good friends with the four Ottinger sisters who lived in the neighborhood, Betty Ottinger Barnes, Clara Ottinger Boxwell, Mabel Ottinger Younger and most especially with Ruth Ottinger Vennefron. She also became close friends with Trenton historian, Edward Keefe. The friendship with Ruth and Mr. Keefe lasted until their deaths…”

The book reports that some Trenton residents remember seeing Doris “sitting on the brick wall in front of Phillip’s Drugstore (later the Tobacco Connection), eating an ice cream…”

“When in Trenton, residents treated Doris not like a big star, but as one of their own…,” the book continues, adding that “Upon the deaths of her uncle and aunt, her visits to Trenton ceased, but not our connection to her.”

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Then take a stroll through the streets of Trenton and hum a few bars of “Que Sera, Sera” in honor of this beloved star from Southwest Ohio.

You may literally be following in her footsteps.

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Autographed photo of Doris Day from “Welcome to Trenton : Celebrating 200 Years! 1816-2016”

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