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Local History #tbt blog - I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Today -- “Throwback Thursday” -- we celebrate the divine dessert that’s satisfied the sweet tooth of our forebears.

ice cream 1.png

Yep, we’re talkin’ ice cream.

Ice cream 2.jpg

We’ve scooped up some old photos and newspaper ads depicting a few local ice cream establishments (Elite candy and confectionery, Gem City Ice Cream, Park Street Ice Cream, the Early Dairy) and an unnamed soda fountain where many a cone and shake were no doubt devoured on a hot day. Hope they bring back delicious memories.

While we’re here we must pay tribute to “The Ice Cream Man,” the late Everett Metzger, known among Middletown kids for driving an ice cream truck around town. Mr. Metzger passed away in May. His interesting story was written by Rick McCrabb of the Journal News.


Ice cream 3.jpg

Continue to have a safe and happy summer and…

ice cream 4.jpg

May all your dreams be as sweet as White House cherry ice cream on a steamy summer day.


  • Park Street Ice Cream ad from Middletown Journal, July 14, 1960

  • Gem City Ice Cream ad from Middletown Journal,  January 7, 1966

  • Photo and obituary for Everett Metzger from “Longtime Operator of Middletown Ice Cream Truck Dies” by Rick McCrabb, Journal News, May 11, 2018 (via Google)

  • Photos of unnamed drug store counter, Elite 5-cent ice cream cone advertisement and Elite store window (Elite Ice Cream), Early Dairy building, all available via  Go to eLibrary > Digital Archives. Keyword : ice cream

Previous articles of the Middletown Journal are available on the MidPointe Library website. Go to eLibrary > Research Databases > Magazines and Newspapers > Newspaper Archive > Middletown Ohio Journal