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Happy Birthday Barbie!

It’s hard to believe, but one of your favorite dolls turns 59 today.


You’d never know it by the way she looks : nary a wrinkle or a gray hair -- unlike you, dear Baby Boomer.

You welcomed her into your life decades ago : her perky  ponytail, grown-up face and body (no baby doll was she!) and the fashions of a glamorous movie star.

Yes, you and Barbie go way back. You two had lots in common. Your secret crush was that cute boy in music class. Barbie liked Ken. You had a best girl friend named Susie. Barbie had Midge. You dreamed of the future. Barbie’s dreams (handsome boyfriend, fabulous body, clothes, makeup, hair and wonderful job also with great clothes) had already come true. 

Fast forward to today, March 9*, the day some say Barbie came to life at the 1959 Toy Fair in New York.** Later she found herself in yours. It’s been how long since you two got together? 

So sometime today gently lift Barbie out of your old toy box. Give her a kiss and a big birthday hug. Catch up on things like old friends do. Put on your matching red coats and pillbox hats a’la Jackie Kennedy. Then the two of you climb into Barbie’s enduringly cool sports car and pick up Ken, then Midge.

Like Barbie, they’ll be waiting. They always have.


*  This Day In History

**The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie -- A Doll’s History and Her Impact on Us (Unauthorized) by Tanya Lee Stone. Viking, 2010.