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The "Mania" is Alive 54 Years Later...

Can you guess the significance of the following dates? Here are a couple of hints:

February 9, 1964.

To a legion of American Baby Boomers it’s the date that changed music forever.

February 25, 1943.

The birthdate of an individual who helped bring about that change.

Congratulations, Boomer! You’ve correctly identified  February 9, 1964, as the date the Beatles made their first live American television appearance! In fact, you were probably among the record-breaking millions of viewers who were glued to a black-and-white TV screen, gazing at four Liverpudlians with “moptops” performing on The Ed Sullivan Show. You probably recall the studio audience teeming with frenzied, shrieking and crying girls. (Truth be told, you, too, were probably among the frenzied, shrieking and crying for joy crowd).

And… extra points to you for identifying February 25, 1943, as the birthday of Beatle guitarist, the late George Harrison! Of course, you already knew he was one of the four lads who performed that historic night in American TV programming. George made it look easy and fun -- despite having been ill some time before the broadcast.


If you’re feeling nostalgic about the good old days of black-and-white TV, 45 rpm records and transistor radios  playing the latest Beatle song, visit any MidPointe Library location or You’ll find lots of memories of the Beatles as a group and individually, their music, their history and the impact they’ve made on fans like you around the world.

Then go ahead. Feel frenzied, shriek or cry for joy if you want to.