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Valentine's Day, How Do I Love Thee

Let MidPointe Library “count the ways!”

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Whether it’s a collection of love poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a Valentine’s Day murder mystery, a holiday cookbook with Valentine’s Day treats or a children’s book about a sweet first crush, let MidPointe Library be your source for all things Valentine on this  Valentine’s Day!

Ever wonder how Valentine’s Day came to be? How is it celebrated around the world? What are the symbols of Valentine’s Day? And who is this Cupid anyway?

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You can find the answers and more in Edna Barth’s “Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses - The story of the Valentine Symbols,” just one of many Valentine’s Day offerings in our juvenile collection.

Go to and let MidPointe Library help you share the love -- of reading, of course -- on this love-ly day!