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#TriviaTuesday - What Ohio Native's Fabricated German Accent Led to a Role in a Comedy Classic?

Can you answer this week’s #TriviaTuesday Question?

What Ohio Native's Fabricated German Accent Led to a Role in a Comedy Classic?

Answer: Teri Garr

teri garr.jpg

Lakewood, Ohio, native Teri Garr turns 69 years old today, according to Chase’s 2018 Calendar of Events. Despite other roles, Garr most likely will be remembered as the ethereal beauty who assists Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in the beloved comedy classic “Young Frankenstein.”

Directed by comedy legend Mel Brooks, the movie was released on December 15, 1974 -- nearly 44 years ago, as recorded by the IMDb entertainment website. It remains a favorite, both online and onsite, at MidPointe Library.

In her 2005 autobiography, “Speedbumps -- Flooring It Through Hollywood” (available at MidPointe), Garr recalls auditioning for a part in the horror spoof. Brooks, she writes, told her “that if I came back the next day with a German accent I could read for the part of Inga, Gene Wilder’s buxom love interest. I said, ‘Yah, I zertainly can.’”

To perfect an accent, Garr, who was part of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour at the time, “made small talk” with Cher’s wig stylist, a German woman “with a thick guttural accent. “

“...I emerged with confidence, determination, and a perfect German accent...” she continues.

Equipped with a realistic accent and a bosom-enhanced “fuzzy pink sweater,” Garr got the part … and an esteemed place in comedy film history.

In 2002 Garr announced that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Since then she has helped raise awareness of the disease.

Unfortunately for her fans, Garr “has not acted in films or television since 2007,” according to Wikipedia.

She’ll always be “Inga” to us.